Sue Pheasey

Sue Pheasey

My Story

I began my career as an administrator at the University of Manchester but had always wanted to teach. Way back in 1980 my husband re-joined the army and so I accompanied him in Wiltshire and West Germany where we had our three children and lived for many years.

On our return to the UK, I went back to work at the University and then decided to study for a degree. I’d always been interested in how the mind works and so took a degree in psychology. I never seem to do things the easy way – I studied for six years with the Open University, whilst having three children and working full time.

After graduating with a pscyology degree I took a year out before being accepted at Manchester Metropolitan University to undertake a PGCE, specialising in Early Years Education.

My Teaching Career

I’ve taught in several Manchester schools both main stream and special educational needs. I have worked in ASD Units (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) with children who had complex autististic needs. I have worked in secondary special educational needs schools with children who had a wide range of different learning needs from Downs syndrome to children who needed one-to-one care and support.

I had always put everything into my teaching and by 2011 I had burnt myself out! My doctor recommended that I attend an eight-week Mindfulness course and after completing this, the Chief Executive of the mental health charity Mind asked me if I would like to train to become a mindfulness teacher to facilitate courses with them. I took a one-year mindfulness teacher training course and am now a qualified mindfulness practitioner. I teach mindfulness part-time as well as continueing to teach children through private tuition.

About Me

I have been happily married for over 42 years. I have three grown up children and six grand children and my husband and I were also foster carers. We moved house quite a lot when my husband was in the army and have lived in Salisbury, West Germany, and Winsford before settling in Eccles where we lived for 28 years before moving to Bolton two years ago, which I love.

I love to read, although I mostly listen to audio books. I like going to festivals and have been to Glastonbury twice and would like to go again. I would like to got to Sark Folk Festival or just visit Sark as their way of life looks so laid back.

I like peace and tranquility and don’t thrive particularly well in noisy environments. I favour the countryside over the city and prefer small shops over large ones.

I like coffee and chocolate!



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