Maths Basics

Maths Basics

This class is for children who need additional help with maths or maybe isn’t making as much progress as expected. Children can find it difficult to grasp the basic concepts and sometimes need a bit of extra support. These sessions will ground children in the basics and will give them alternative strategies for working out problems. It’s better to catch a problem early rather than wait and let them struggle their way through.

Please contact me if you are unsure which class will best suit your child’s needs.

How long does the session last?

Each session lasts for 50 minutes.

How many sessions do I need to book?

Sessions are bookable in 4-weekly slots and payable in advance.

Can my child take holidays?

Yes, please let me know in advance of any holidays you have booked.

Cancellation, refunds and absence

If you wish to cancel your child’s place and it is part way through a four-week block, I may be able to give the place to another child who is on the waiting list, in which case you would receive a refund of any future sessions paid for. If I am unable to fill the place then no refund will be given.


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