Counting and Sorting

You don’t need expensive resources to teach maths. You can use all sorts of everyday things such as dry pasta, socks, milk bottletops etc. Here’s an example of how you can use a packet of Smarties for counting, sorting and ordering.

Sorting by Colour

You can use little cups like these and ask your child to sort the Smarties into the correct cups. You could use pieces of paper with the colour drawn one and ask them to place the Smarties onto the difference pieces of paper.

When counting objects children need to understand one-to-one correspondence. That just means every count is for just one object. You will see young children reciting the numbers rather than counting the actual objects, so they may point to the objects but skip over some as they count. Se we want them to touch every object as they count.


You can pre-sort the Smarties so that there is just one of one colour, two of another, three of anotherand so on, so that after they have sorted them they can then put them into number order, starting from one on the left.

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